Hello! I’m Mary, a Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, Lifestyle blogger, and Wife of an Indian National. Currently living here in Mumbai, India (to live with my husband) I learned a lot of things done here, especially about food, culture, tradition, and their ways of thinking. I adapted to these new things in my day-to-day life and I thought, maybe I could share this information with people who are on the same foot as I am (you know, Interracial Marriage).  

I agree that there’s not much information you can find on the web about Interracial Marriage (especially in my case- Indian-Filipino Marriage). How much can the government website give you? List of documents? Sometimes, un-updated ones are there. There were also lots of vague information which will make you ask, ‘what’s next?’ We need real experiences. That’s what I was also searching in the past and we ended up spending too much on useless stuffs which can be covered up only if we knew what we’re supposed to do.   

I fill these pages in my blog about information and experiences I had in India. I mostly write about the cooking recipes because I developed a love for it! (Haha!) This is just my way of helping people whose going through the same situation as I am and make them feel like they’re not alone. I am here and my husband can help you guys also.   

Please stay in touch and Welcome aboard!