Couples can’t get married in the Philippines without attending seminars. The seminar is a must requirement when getting a marriage license. As for us, after we passed the other requirements for a marriage license (check for the list of requirements), the LCR gave us a pass that we can attend the seminar. Here are the facts listed as per experience: 

  1. We went to the City Health Office and headed to POPCOM (The Commission on Population). POPCOM holds the Pre-marriage and Counseling program of the seminar for Information and Counseling on Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning. 
  2. We sought the Head Officer and asked for their guidance. Normally, they have a schedule for a seminar every Tuesday (we didn’t ask the time, but it’s just half a day), but since we were rushing the date, we wanted a special seminar. Take note that you cannot just be asked for a special seminar when you are rushing. It also needs time because the people who are behind the seminar might not be available at your ideal time. They also have a schedule to follow through.  
  3. A special seminar is only possible if the speaker of the seminar is available. If not, then be sorry. We asked the officer who are the speakers for the seminar and luckily, my brother knows one of them and so we sought his attendance. We are so fortunate that we get to request his presence at our ideal time. We can’t deny the fact that connection to these people is also important nowadays. 
  4. We got our special seminar the day after we passed the requirements to LCR. They made us answer a separate questionnaire which was all subjective about Family Planning and Responsible Parenthood just like the title of the seminar entails, Information and counseling on Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning. Pretty much basic knowledge. 
  5. They signed our PRE-MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE and gave it to us. On the same day, we passed this document as the last requirement for the marriage license at the LCR. 

As you can see, we processed the papers in just two days because of the help of our peers. We can’t get this done without their knowledge and lending time. As our gratitude to these people, we gave them free lunch. It is also important to express our gratitude to them because it is like a step forward to accomplishing something bigger than our current situation. 

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