ALL ABOUT SEMINAR (Marriage in the Philippines with a Foreigner)

Couples can’t get married in the Philippines without attending seminars. The seminar is a must requirement when getting a marriage license. As for us, after we passed the other requirements for a marriage license (check for the list of requirements), the LCR gave us a pass that we can attend the seminar. Here are the facts […]

How to Get Married In the Philippines in 2019 (Indian and Filipino)

You would want to get married to your partner and build a family. You also want to do it legally but it needs a lot of work, waiting, and definitely a lot of documents to prepare especially if you are marrying a foreigner. If you are a Filipina and wanted to get married in the […]


Daal has always been an Indian household common dish with roti and rice. I decided to cook a dry menu, so I paired it with a wet consistency of a daal to balance our dinner meals!  Ingredients:  Tor Daal 1:2 water  Turmeric powder  Salt  2 Dried red Chilli  2 large geen chilies (slit)  Jeera  Asafoetida  Cooking Oil  Chopped tomatoes  Onions  Coriander and Red Chilli powder  […]

Chicken Liver (Pinoy Style)

I was craving for the sweetness from the chicken liver. I cooked another set of menu for me because my husband and my in-laws doesn’t have a sweet tooth. So here’s the quick recipe I have. It only takes 5 minutes to cook!  Ingredients:  Chicken Liver (half cup)  1 tsp chopped garlic  Oyster Sauce  Dark […]

Chicken Liver (Masala Style)

It’s been so long since we had chicken liver! Maybe 4-5 months? Thus, I decided to cook a meal with it! Just for a change of palate.  Ingredients:  Chicken Liver ( 1 & ½ cup)  1 Large-sized onion   3 long Green chilies  2 tsp chopped garlic  Oyster sauce  Soya Sauce (dark)  Light Soy sauce  Salt  […]

Chicken Curry

It’s supposed to be called a Chicken Handi recipe but when I researched what is Handi in Hindi, it means a type of cooking vessel that looks like an orange pot. I don’t have that in our house, thus I’m just calling this recipe Chicken Curry ( I guess because it’s a common base recipe […]

Masala Scrambled Egg

Now, this had been our go-to breakfast. It’s healthy and easy to make. Ingredients:   3 Eggs  1 long sausage (chicken)  1 Medium sized onion  1 tomato  1 long green chili  Coriander Leaves  Salt  Chaat Masala  Coriander Powder  Turmeric Powder  Red Chili Powder  Quantity: 3 Persons  Procedure:  Chop the tomato, onion, and green chili into small dice.   Slice the sausage […]


Palak has been the all-time favorite vegetable of my husband. This healthy dish takes you to a whole new level of deliciousness with a hint of coconut milk. It’s rich green color just adds more of its wholesomeness. It’s easy to cook. You guys should try it! Ingredients:  Paneer (Half of a packet)  Spinach (2 […]